Episode 115 : Alpha Mission vs Star Force (NES)

This time we tried something slightly different from the norm, instead of looking at one specific game, we are looking at two very similar top down shooters from the NES era, Alpha Mission (by SNK) and Star Force (by Tecmo).  Both of these arcade ports are ones that we had as kids -- both share the dubious honor of being a game we bought "because they were there" and as a result played them a lot.

We look at these two games specifically to answer a question : Is it better to be a game that tries to do a lot of interesting things but sort of fails, or a game that tries to do almost nothing and succeeds?

We also answer several listener questions about arcade ports, bonus show questions, and a listener feels we missed the mark on Starfox 2 a while ago.

Want to jump right to the games?  Start at 6:50!


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Intro song is "8-Bitter" by Subtastics, and is used with permission, mainly because Jeremy P is in that band.

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