Episode 12 : The Splatterhouse Series (Turbografx 16 and Genesis)

It's the second part of our Halloween extravaganza, and this week we look at not one... but THREE classic video games.  First up, we revisit the Turbografx-16 and the original Splatterhouse, in which Rick and Jennifer make the mistake of getting out of the rain at an abandoned mansion.  Then we switch to the Sega Genesis for Splatterhouse 2, where Rick returns to save Jennifer (again) with the help of the demon mask.  Finally, we dig up the bones of Splatterhouse 3, in which the series tries to do some new things, and the results are less than stellar.

Our listener question for this week is two-fold : What game gave you your first real jump-scare?  What game has scared you the most ever?  Shockingly, Billy and Jeremy P didn't say General Chaos.

For more Halloween gaming excitement, don't forget to check out Retrovania.net for the rest of the month!

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