Episode 130 : Snatcher (Sega CD)

For our last regular episode of 2020, we take a look at an early Hideo Kojima game that most of us in the US have no way to play - Snatcher, which was only released outside of Japan on the Sega CD format.  Kojima's post-Metal Gear game is not an action stealth game like his most famous series, but instead is a sci-fi story driven interactive storybook that would appeal to fans of Blade Runner.   And as a bonus, it occurs around Christmas!

We also talk about our favorite and least favorite games of 2020, and take some listener questions on classic Retrovaniacs topics : Stardew Valley, fast food breakfasts, and games we may have forgotten.

Thank you for all your support over 2020, and we will see you in 2021!

Want to get right to the game?  Skip to 14:15!


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Intro song is "8-Bitter" by Subtastics, and is used with permission, mainly because Jeremy P is in that band.


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