Episode 167: Popful Mail - Magical Fantasy Adventure (Sega CD)

We're back from our unintentional summer vacation to cover a patron request -- Popful Mail: Magical Fantasy Adventure for the Sega CD! This action adventure from Falcom was released in the US by Working Designs, and many consider it to be a "must play" title for the add-on.  But how does it hold up today?

Also discussed - a ton of things, in a very aggressive reader mail segment.

Want to skip right to the game?  Start at the 9:45 mark!

As mentioned in the reader mail, here's the Ninja Baseball Spirits link : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bust/ninja-baseball-spirits-1/posts

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Intro song is "8-Bitter" by Subtastics, and is used with permission, mainly because Jeremy P is in that band.


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