Episode 38: Tomba! (Playstation)

Doing something a little different this week -- before Retrovaniacs the podcast, there was just Retrovania.net, a site where we posted video reviews and gaming articles.  One of those reviews was on Tomba! for the Sony Playstation.   This review received the most criticism from folks who didn't agree with Jeremy Gregory -- including Jeremy Parmentier.    One Jeremy loves it, one Jeremy hates it, and Billy Holiday is here playing for the first time. 

We're taking a second look at Tomba!, an interesting 2D/3D questing platformer for the Sony Playstation, and then we spend FAR too long discussing our thoughts on the first 10-20 hours of Final Fantasy XV!   So -- if you have no interest in hearing about FFXV, you can skip the last half of the show!


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