Episode 49: Uninvited (NES)

This week, the Retrovaniacs take a (spoiler filled) look at an NES port of a Macventure title, Uninvited!  Was anyone able to complete this graphic point-and-click adventure without looking up some hints?  Did any of us finish this game at all?   Listen to find out!  Spoilers abound here though, so if you somehow are in the middle of this game and don't want to figure out what the tomato monster is -- probably stop at around the 30 minute mark!


Afterwards, the Jeremys talk way too much about Persona 5, but that won't happen until 53:30, so you should stop there if you don't want some very minor early game spoilers.

Want to skip the pre-game updates, start up the show at 5:40!

Next up it's episode 50, and that means we take on a classic series starting one of our favorite invertibrates!


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