Episode 51: Final Fantasy VIII (PlayStation)

THIS ISN'T SUPER BLACK BASS!?  No, as Billy was unavailable this week, the Jeremy's instead delayed that episode and instead took this chance to talk about where Final Fantasy VIII went wrong.  We apologize in advance for a very negative episode about FFVIII, but we do go into detail about what specifically we don't like, and it's not just that the characters are hateable and the story is awful.

*** This episode is filled with spoilers, so if you haven't played FFVIII and really want to (we are sorry), then please skip this one. ***

Jeremy P has tried playing through this game many, many times, and most recently spent several weeks of 2017 getting to the very end of it before life forced him to throw in the towel.  Will he play it again?  What exactly doesn't he like about this game?

We also talk about the Atari Box, or wonder what exactly it is.

Next game -- Who knows?

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