Episode 53 : Super Black Bass (SNES)

Labor day and summer vacations are over, and the Retrovaniacs are here to ease you out of vacation with a relaxing review of Super Black Bass for the Super Nintendo.  Calmly float around in a lake, catching fish and winning tournaments in a pure state of relaxation -- or if you are Jeremy P, this could be the most frustrating game you've played for this podcast. 

Also, we take a look at a recent retro-styled release, Sonic Mania!  Is this finally the 2d Sonic Game we've been waiting for, or does it miss the mark much like every other Sonic game since the 16-bit era?

Next week we look at a classic icon's odd strays into the third dimension...


Want to skip right to the fishing?  Start at 10:40!

Tired of fishing and want to hear what we think of Sonic Mania?  Skip ahead to 48:01!

If you want to sneak by the sleeping Ogre Lord, turn to 152.

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