Episode 80 : Wild Guns (SNES)

YEEHAW! To be honest, much like everyone else we assumed we'd have been too busy with Red Dead Redemption 2 to play something that wasn't western and / or was a really long game.  So -- we're covering Natsume's Wild Guns on the SNES, a game that is short and western-ish.  Does this game still provide a rootin'-tootin' good time, or should this one be put out to pasture?

We also take a listener question regarding ROM hacks, talk about the PS Classic lineup, and the surprise Amico announcement and what we think it will be.

Want to skip right to the run-and-gun action?  Set your pocketwatch to the 8:55 mark, partner.


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Intro song is "8-Bitter" by Subtastics, and is used with permission, mainly because Jeremy P is in that band.

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