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February 21st, 2017    

300 YouTube Subscriber Thank You!

No new show this week, due to some scheduling conflicts (and that we're talking about 4+ games for our next show), we've had to push off the Double Dragon show to next Tuesday.  However, we did want to take time to personally thank everyone for listening as we hit our 300 subscriber mark on YouTube!


See you in a week for Double Dragon 1-4, and thank you for listening and watching over the last two years!


February 8th, 2017    

Episode 42 : Sonic Spinball (Genesis)

Join the Retrovaniacs this week as we visit the world of video pinball the first time, with Sonic Spinball for the Sega Genesis. 


Also discussed is a listener question about what started us all in gaming, which isn't as depressing an answer as you'd believe.


Next week : It's the return of Bimmy and Jimmy-- in 2017?


January 24th, 2017    

Episode 41 : Metal Slug (NeoGeo)

We take our first look at the NeoGeo system, with a series of games that will definitely challenge your run-and-gun shooter skillls, Metal Slug 1-6 (via the Metal Slug Anthology).  Before we dig into what Billy has aptly described as "cartoon Contra", we reflect on the NeoGeo itself, and why none of us have ever owned one.

We also answer a listener question : What same-room multiplayer games would cause the most confrontation, and what were you good at?

Check out our Twitter feed, @retrovaniacs, where we'll put some links to videos of Jeremy P playing Metal Slug!

Next week, we try out some pinball.  Or spinball.  Or something.


January 10th, 2017    

Episode 40: Predator (NES)

This week we review a game based on one of the best action movies of all time, Predator for the NES.  Will this game be nearly as good as the movie it's based on?

Also we look back at 2016, listing our favorite games and biggest disappointments, and try not to just cry about the Wii U.

Next up : We look at a run-and-gun shooter on the NEO GEO...


December 24th, 2016    

Episode 39 : Batman Returns (Multiplatform)

It's a very Retrovaniacs Christmas, with a loosely holiday themed game -- Batman Returns for mainly the SNES and Sega Genesis!  Watch the movie, it happens around Christmas.  Also there is a level with Christmas presents in the background.

Look, we're clearly stretching here to tie this one to the holidays, but we do have a Christmas present related listener question, which brings us back to the Christmas mornings of yesteryears.

Next episode : If it bleeds, we can kill it...


December 16th, 2016    

Episode 38: Tomba! (Playstation)

Doing something a little different this week -- before Retrovaniacs the podcast, there was just, a site where we posted video reviews and gaming articles.  One of those reviews was on Tomba! for the Sony Playstation.   This review received the most criticism from folks who didn't agree with Jeremy Gregory -- including Jeremy Parmentier.    One Jeremy loves it, one Jeremy hates it, and Billy Holiday is here playing for the first time. 

We're taking a second look at Tomba!, an interesting 2D/3D questing platformer for the Sony Playstation, and then we spend FAR too long discussing our thoughts on the first 10-20 hours of Final Fantasy XV!   So -- if you have no interest in hearing about FFXV, you can skip the last half of the show!



November 27th, 2016    

Episode 37 : Golgo 13 (NES)

We take on yet another listener request, Golgo 13 : Top Secret Mission for the Nintendo Entertainment System.   A game that combines adventure sections with several other gameplay styles, that spans the globe is certainly an ambitious game to design -- but is it any fun?

We also discuss classic games we love that we can also see why if we had never played them beforet today may not be as highly regarded.

Next week : Tomba! for the Playstation


November 11th, 2016    

Episode 36 : Kid Icarus (NES)

Billy returns to Retrovanicas this week!  Just in time for the release of the NES Classic, we're taking a lengthy look at Kid Icarus, a classic that is also a featured game on the Classic!   We dig deep into this game which Jeremy P has declared is "his favorite NES game of all time"-- and both Billy and Jeremy hadn't played it before, so this one could cause some fist fights.

We also kick the show off with a special announcement of sorts, and finally Billy gets to tell us all what he thinks of the switch!


Next episode we take on another listener request - Golgo 13!



October 28th, 2016    

Episode 35 : 16-Bit Castlevanias (Halloween 2016)

We may be short one Billy Holiday this week, but don't be scared -- he will be back next episode!  This week, however, the Jeremys take you on a journey spanning 4 years and 3 consoles to discuss Super Castlevania 4 (SNES), Castlevania Bloodlines (Genesis), Dracula X (SNES), and the japanese only Castlevania : Rondo of Blood (PC Engine CD)!

Next week, we return to our usual format and take on Kid Icarus for the NES!

Happy Halloween!


October 7th, 2016    

Episode 34: Monster Party (NES)

We kick off October's Halloween Retroween right, with an episode about one of the strangest games on the NES, Monster Party!  We know we said we were doing Kid Icarus, but that's not going to happen until November now -- we've got to get in the Halloween spirit!

Also, Jeremy P really thinks he's getting a PS4, so he has some questions regarding the newly released Slim and the soon-to-be-released Pro.

Retroween continues next time in Episode 35, a 16-bit Castlevania extravaganza!


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