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April 19th, 2018    

Episode 66 : Sub Terrania (Genesis)

This episode, we try a game none of us have played before - Sub Terrania on the Sega Genesis! Based on the box, this looked to be a fairly standard top down shooter, but don't judge this game by it's box...

We also discuss some of the new retro announcements by Sega (Shenmue remakes and Mini-Genesis), and... the Rampage movie?

Want to skip hearing about things that aren't Sub Terrania?  Skip to 8:50!


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Intro song is "8-Bitter" by Subtastics, and is used with permission, mainly because Jeremy P is in that band


March 30th, 2018    

Episode 65 : Silent Debuggers (TurboGrafx-16)

Jeremy P makes another valiant effort to find a TurboGrafx-16 game that everyone will enjoy, as we take a look at 1991's Silent Debuggers! Does he succeed? Also, is it possible to use the word "Slog" and have it mean something good?  How mad was Billy that we waited for him to cover this game?

We also answer a listener question, regarding the good and bad of Sega and Nintendo's early efforts in the US Market!

Want to skip the pre-show rambling and skip right to the good stuff?  Skip to the 8:00 mark.

Next episode, we're looking at Sub-Terrania on the Genesis!


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Intro song is "8-Bitter" by Subtastics, and is used with permission, mainly because Jeremy P is in that band




March 16th, 2018    

Episode 64 : Kirby Super Star (SNES)

In honor of the release of Kirby Star Allies (and in no way because we just picked a game at random and Jeremy P was slow to edit the show), we're posting our look at Kirby Super Star for the Super NES.  This game, which is also on the SNES Classic, is different from the previous Kirby releases, but how different?  This was our first look at Kirby as a whole, so did we love it, or did we determine our previous lack of interest in Kirby was completely valid?  Listen and see!

Also discussed, our thoughts on retro-styled Kickstarter releases Yooka-Laylee and Mighty No. 9, now that we've taken some time to play them.  We loved Banjo-Kazooie, and everyone on Earth loved Mega Man, but what did we think of the spiritual successors to both?

Next episode : Billy is back and Jeremy P forces another TG-16 title on everyone -- Silent Debuggers.  FOR REAL THIS TIME!


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February 27th, 2018    

Episode 63 : Magician Lord (Neo Geo)

We return to the Neo Geo for the 2nd time, this time for launch title Magician Lord.  Will a game we all remember for "not getting past the first level" end up any less frustrating when being played on a home console? Listen to find out!

Don't want to hear about what else we've been up to?  Skip to the 6:00 mark!

Magician Lord is available on the original Neo Geo, but thankfully can also be purchased on the Playstation Network, on the Switch, probably on XBox Live, and is also available on the Wii and Vita on the SNK Neo Geo Collection, if you'd like to play along.



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February 14th, 2018    

Episode 62 : Casino Kid (NES)

Have you ever helplessly wandered around in a casino, talking to everyone just to figure out where to play Draw Poker?  If so, have we got the game for you this week.  We're playing Casino Kid for the NES!

We also talk way too long about Monster Hunter World, but thankfully we waited until the end of the episode.

Next episode, we return to the Neo Geo for some Magician Lord!



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January 30th, 2018    

Episode 61 : Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! (NES)

Stick and Move! Stick and Move! It's about time we take a look at another sports-ish title, and so we've gotten into the ring with a legend -- Mike Tyson's Punch Out!! for the NES.  We talk about all the games in the Punch Out series a little, but we go the full three rounds with the NES classic. 

Next week: We're visiting the Golden Crumbs Casino to meet our destiny...


January 15th, 2018    

Episode 60 : Super Star Wars (SNES)

Our short unintended hiatus is over, and the first episode of 2018 is here!  This time, we take a look at Super Star Wars, and it's sequels Super Empire Strikes Back and Super Return of the Jedi!  This topic was supposed to hit right around the release of The Last Jedi, but, well, it didn't.  But, that gave us more time to play three separate games to discuss.

Want to skip right to the game?  Start listening at 10:11!

New theme music for 2018 - "8-Bitter" by Subtastics

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Next episode, get ready to get in the ring...


November 28th, 2017    

Episode 59 : Bubsy (SNES / Genesis)

"What could PAWSsibly go wrong?"  Bubsy asks you that question at the start of his first game, and we take some time to really take a deep look at not only Bubsy, but the sequels to determine the answer to that question.

We also answer a listener question, about admitting when you may have been wrong about not liking a game.

Next episode we celebrate the release of The Last Jedi with a look at a much younger Luke and his passage off Tatooine with the classic SNES trilogy of Star Wars games.


November 15th, 2017    

Episode 58 : Alien 3 (SNES)

We're taking on another listener request, from George (@captaingodbody on Twitter), who asked us to cover "any classic Alien game".  So, we chose the Super Nintendo game based on the third best movie in the Alien franchise, Alien 3.

We also take a few minutes to talk with George on his thoughts on the game, and compare it a little to the Genesis version of this game, which was the first game made based on the film -- this came out a year later.

Next week... oh boy, it's Bubsy time.


October 31st, 2017    

Episode 57 : Resident Evil (PlayStation)

For Halloween 2017, we've decided to look back at one of the defining games in survival horror, the original Resident Evil for PlayStation!  We look back, from an era where some of the shortcomings of this game are undeniable-- but does it still hold up now?  Does this game actually work better with it's original limitations, or is this another case of a game that time has not treated too kindly?


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